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  • Exploring the Dalles- Central Oregon Columbia River

    Exploring the Dalles- Central Oregon Columbia River

    For millenia, the shoreline of this picturesque bend in the Columbia River—80 miles east of Portland and the Eastern Oregon gateway to the Columbia Gorge—has been where hard work happens. This is The Dalles. The stretch was a bustling tribal trading and fishing outpost for an astonishing 10,000 years, according to historians. Since white settlers arrived through the Oregon Trail, it has been an industrial hub for farming and food processing, fishing, forestry, hydropower and aluminum smelting (the latter flourished […]

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  • Olympic Peninsula Loop

    Olympic Peninsula Loop

    Words: Rico Rivera   Photography:  Kimberly Lein The Olympic Peninsula is the most Northwestern point in the Continental US and is perfect place to explore in a camper van.  The peninsula contains lush temperate rain forests, miles of rugged coast, crystal clear wild rivers and a massive snow covered mountain range in its center.  To get a good taste of the Olympic Peninsula we recommend taking at least 6 days to complete the loop however you could take an abbreviated, […]

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  • 8 unforgettable road trips in Oregon

    8 unforgettable road trips in Oregon

    OREGON IS JUST ONE OF THOSE STATES that’s meant for road trips. Between the rugged coastline, the verdure of the Western Cascades, and the high desert, the diverse terrain creates all kinds of epic possibilities. From the Columbia River Gorge to Crater Lake to Mount Hood, there is definitely no shortage of things to see. Be sure to travel slow and take the time to stop and look around so that you can immerse yourself in place and culture that […]

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  • Road Trip Oregon

    Road Trip Oregon

    Come and explore the sites of the Pacific Northwest in one of our fully equipped pop top camper vans.  From the beaches of the Oregon Coast to the volcanic peaks of the Cascade Mountains there is no better way to travel.  This video was filmed and edited by Dylan Melcher on a road trip that he took with us last spring.   Enjoy!

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  • Hot springs of Oregon

    Hot springs of Oregon

    Oregon has a collection of wilderness and private natural hot springs that complement any classic road trip.  There is little better than soaking in a natural hot mineral bath in the forest or on the edge of a river.  These geothermal springs are located all over the state, some are road side while other require a hike to get to them.  Here is a list of a few of our favorite hot springs that are great to incorporate into any […]

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  • Road tripping on the Oregon Coast with Grindtv

    Road tripping on the Oregon Coast with Grindtv

    After a few wonderful, food-filled days in Portland, we loaded up our rented VW Eurovan (our own van, Shaquille, couldn’t make it out in time, so the awesome team at Roadtrip Oregon hooked us up with an amazing stunt double). If you’re looking for an awesome way to experience the state, their Eurovan rentals are perfect—and come with everything you need already loaded! From there we headed west toward the first Wonder of our trip: the Oregon Coast. Click to read more

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  • Chaco hits the Oregon Coast

    Chaco hits the Oregon Coast

    Chaco travels to Oregon to explore the Oregon coast and to showcase their new fall line.  Check out the beautifully shot video from their trip!

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  • Three capes scenic drive – 1859 magazine

    Three capes scenic drive – 1859 magazine

    A great article about exploring the north Oregon Coast.  Click here  

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  • Oregon’s Historic Columbia River Scenic Highway from 1859 magazine

    Oregon’s Historic Columbia River Scenic Highway from 1859 magazine

    This is a tale of two highways—a wet one and a dry one. They’re both Oregon’s Highway 30 between Portland and The Dalles, more commonly known today as the Historic Columbia River Highway. On one end, you can enjoy the lush greenery and roaring cascades of a Pacific Northwest rainforest, but on the other end, the highway winds to a semi-arid climate known for producing pears, cherries and wheat. Click here to read more….

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  • 1859 magazine feature story- VW on the OC

    1859 magazine feature story- VW on the OC

    Editor Kevin Max takes a road trip with his family to explore the southern Oregon coast and ends up having quite an adventure. IT HAD BEEN COMING DOWN IN BUCKETS FOR DAYS. It was even chilly, late June on the coast. There was no tent this time. No rain-fly, no soaked-through bedding, no camp pad too short by a foot and too narrow by a shoulder. A Eurovan it was to be. A hard-top, pop-top setup with two queenish- size […]

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