Additional Equipment for hire (per trip unless specified):

  • Extra set of bedding (2 people) – $35
  • Hitch mount bike rack (holds 2 or 4 bikes)  –  $45
  • Tent ( 2 person) – $45
  • Garmin GPS – $35
  • Inflatable SUP & paddle ($20/day
  • Commuter bike/ helmet ($20/day or $90/week)


The Fine Print:

  • Our rental rates include a fully stocked camper that is ready for a road trip with no hidden fees (just bring your clothes, groceries and a positive attitude)
  • The rental rates include 100 driving miles per day or 700 miles for the week.  We have found this to be adequate for most road trips (it’s no fun to spend your entire vacation driving). Additional miles are $0.30 per mile.
  • Secondary insurance coverage (collision/SLI) is included with the rental and has a $2500 deductible, we recommend that you carry a rider on your personal insurance policy.  You may purchase additional collision insurance from us with a $250 deductible for an additional $16 per day.   The additional insurance is included with the Sprinter van package.
  • During peak season we only take reservations of a week + in length, shorter trips can be reserved up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • To make a reservation we require a paid deposit of $350, $500 or $1000 depending on the length of trip (3day, week, 2+week) respectively.
  • Vehicles are available for pick up from 9 AM to 5 PM any day except major holidays by appointment. After hours pick up and drop off must be arranged in advance.  Rentals are based on a 24 hr period.  We ask that you give us a specific time to pick up and drop off and to call if you are going to be late.
  • Please no smoking or pets in our camper vans, Thank you.


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